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It is no longer an option but a necessity. Digital Marketing Website is the Tao of your website in this digital age.

Digital Marketing Integrated Services

The Tao of Website Development

The truth that can be spoken of is not the real truth. But as a digital marketing and web development company, the best way we can describe our works is we apply both push and pull factors in your web design and development. Being attractive is a pull factor. Ranking of page one on Google search is a pull factor. Writing beautiful content is also a pull factor.

But these are not good enough as the truth has to find a way to the market. It is a noisy world out there. Therefore push factors are equally important. This includes not only your positioning but as well as a call-to-action for users to click that button. And before a user can act, they will be looking at reviews and your social presence. Working on your social platforms is not enough because your website is where all conversions take place. And this is where we, as digital web agency come in to help you with Crunch Studio’s 3 digital arms below:

Social Media ▾

We advise you on what are the social platforms your target audience is likely to be with and incorporate them onto your website. We also help you to run effective campaigns to get leads or sales. Customers are engaged through the various social media platforms but converted on your site.


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When someone searches for a keyword and your site is ranked first on Google, your business will definitely do well. SEO is difficult and tough works and we reserved for our most valued clients where we can work out a win-win business proposal. We want to be part of your business.


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Contents ▾

You may heard of “Content is King!”. But we think relevant content is Supreme. There are too much information and contents in the market. Relevant contents helps in your SEO ranking as well as further engagement with your customers. In the long run, it is content that wins the final game.


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Knowing Your Customer Flow

Customer Digital Journey Map

As a web design and marketing company, we help you identify how your prospect may manoeuvre online to eventually become your customer buying your product or service. It is said it takes up to 13 touch points before a customer decides to buy from you. Therefore re-marketing is also crucial because customers that have engaged with you before is more likely to buy from you.

We use tools such as funnelytics to create a customer digital journey map. This is a very important part of digital marketing web design planning. 


Social Media & Contents

Connecting With Your Users

It all seems too much of work if you need to manage not only your website, but also your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel or LinkedIn. We can integrate these so that when you manage 1 platform, the others can be updated too. This can include your blogs, vlogs, videos, articles or other tools you use to engage with your customers. All these we manage for you so that you can focus on your actual business.


The Ultimate Tool Each Business Aims For

We have explained that ranking page one on Google’s search can make you money. A great digital web agency is capable of advising you in details including what keywords you should or want to rank for. It is a detailed process but it is worth all the efforts at the end. 

There are various models we work with our clients for SEO capabilities. In addition, we do not do for all clients because we need to so tremendous research. Therefore our SEO services are very different from other SEO companies. Contact us for more details. 

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