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Does Your Contents Market? Or You are Marketing Your Contents?

3Es to Content Marketing

It is not only contents, but relevant contents with a digital marketing consideration that helps you in establishing your digital footprint on the internet. Our principle to content curation is simple – if it does not interest us, it will not interest anyone. Contents revolves around the 3Es. They are either Educational (value), Engaging (inspiring or funny) or Enticing (converting to sale or lead). 

Off-Page Contents

We mentioned on our social media management page that we help curate contents for your social media channels when we also help manage your social media accounts. Those contents are done outside your website. 

Note that we do not create videos but we can work with your video creation company on scripting the contents for the videos. 

On-Page Contents

Contents done on your website are On-Page contents. Clients usually think of blogs and articles. We can include ebooks, infographics, case studies, checklists and others as contents too. Depending on your business profile, we may also include GIFs and interviews. 

Videos are great. We can help to script the storyboard.

Purposeful Writing

Making Contents Work for You

Market Challenges

There are many agencies out there that can help write contents. There are also plenty of freelancers that can help you ghost write as well. The main challenges for content writers in the market are:

  • Are these contents useful?
  • Do they contain relevant keywords?
  • Are these contents original and interesting?


Why We Write Contents

We write for 2 main reasons:

  1. For Google – so that it improves your ranking
  2. For your target audience – to engage, interact and make them interested in you for future conversion.

Therefore before we embark on this content marketing journey, we develop a plan with you. This includes keywords research and a lot of reading on the internet. The research and reading help to identify market gap and niche to write on topics related to the intended keywords and your business offerings.

Content marketing is a long term game. But it is definitely worth it.

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Content marketing helps you establish or donimate your digital presence.