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In the beginning, now and future – We start the website design with enhancement and readiness in mind. And keeping it current and relevant.

Why Maintain Your Online Property


Your website is a real digital property that you own. Unlike FaceBook or other platforms which can be shut down by the provider, you own this online property. And like any physical property that needs maintenance, so does your online property. Your website is a window to your business in the digital world. It have to stay current with the market or present new information about your products and services. Updating your website helps to attract and retain customers.

Unlike some developers that simply hand over the site to owners, leaving them clueless and problems with their website, we as web design and management company take a long term partnership approach. After designing and launching a website that you can be proud of, we also help to maintain your site. Most website owners are clueless about how to maintain a proper website. Most of them also choose to outsource this because:

  1. It is too expensive to engage someone in-house just to do that which can cost them between $2,500-$4000/ month.
  2. They do not know how to manage the CMS (Contents Management System) like WordPress.
  3. Not enough time to handle this task.
  4. Needed a constant updating of website’s contents or data.
  5. Want to improve website for leads and conversion.

Let us help you in maintaining your online property. Lets see the things behind your website property that we can help maintain.

Hassle Free Website Maintenance for You

Contents Updating

Keep your contents updated and stay current. Whether it is ad-hoc or on regular basis, we cater to your needs.

Data Analytics

If you are tracking the performance of your site, we help you get the reports you want to stay current and competitive.

Website Backup

Worry not if your website is being hacked and destroyed. We are your backup to your website backup.


Keeping Your Site Secured

Not only a SSL certification. We have additional plugin to make sure your online property stays locked and secured. 


Malware Scanning

Scanning for Malwares can also make sure no one highjacks your property. Tedious but necessary. 

ECommerce Inventories Tracking

ECommerce sites requires constant updating of inventories so that stocks are current. We can do this dirty work.

Updating Softwares

There are new versions of softwares or plugins that need constant updating so that your site remains intact. 

Your Own Maintenance Plan

Let us customise your own website maintenance plan. Be it contents marketing or SEO/ SEM, we cater to your digital business needs.
Alternatively see our packages below.


Website Maintenance Report

We provide you regular reports of your website so that you know the works we do as well as recommendations.

Let Us Maintain Your Onlne Property

Checkout our comprehensive Maintainence Packages

Looking for a Customised Maintenance Plan?

"We don't have the time and not familiar how to keep our website updated. It is good to have a trusted partner to do it for us. Crunch did a great job. Thanks!"

– Jerlyn Goh, Waxxxx

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