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The Name of the Digital Game – Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO Integrated Services

SEO – Your Ultimate Way to Win

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ranking your website with a particular search engine (typically Google). You will have a lot of potential leads if your site appears on page one or rank one on the Google search. But the ultimate conversion still depends on your website.

To eventually win this digital game, you have to get to at least page one on Google search. We know the means and ways, done in accordance with Google’s intention. As a SEO web design company, we also know it is a lot of hard work. So it must be worth all the efforts if we are going to do a SEO service. But we are only willing to do it with partners that are serious in their business and they are commited to their products and services. This is a service that we select partners to work with, rather than just a vendor-client relationship.


Keyword Research

Keyword research forms the foundation of our SEO journey. Depending on the industry you are in, the competitiveness of your offerings and the likely keyword(s) your customer might be searching for, we do a very detailed keyword research and study. This includes studying of the other high ranking websites and strategise accordingly how to beat the game.


After keyword research and studying of the other websites (not only page one but many pages), we will form an architectural map of how your website will look like. We will have all the relevant keywords organised into your website. We also take care of the UX and focus on landing pages for maximum conversion of leads and sales. It is a full optimisation.



When we study both your company and the competitors (online and offline), we define what is the USP message to be delivered to target audience while taking care of all the relevant keywords that we had researched. Our contents are all original and include texts, images and videos. This is the most time consuming part of SEO, but we know its worth it.

SEO Web Design

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

What we have mentioned earlier are what commonly known as on-page SEO. Off page SEO are backlinks obtained. As a SEO Web Design Agency, we focus first on On-page SEO because it is something within the control of the website. Off-page SEO needs time and persuasive skills to get others to put a link on their website which refers back to our page. This doesn’t usually come easy especially for a new site. There are also strategies that we apply when we ask for backlinks. And when we do not build backlinks, we probably could have ranked based on on-page SEO alone. These all voice down to how competitive the keyword we are targeting.

We focus on E.A.T., asking ourselves what will let Google and customers see us as Expert in the field? How can be be seen as an Authority in our field? And lastly does our site look Trustworthy to potential customers?

Ranking on Page One

It can be Done. Sooner or Later…

Ranking can take some time. We imagine Google crawl machine as a person. It takes sometime to get to know the website. To establish that trust and to see that the website indeed has authority and is the subject matter expert. Sometimes it ranks faster because the keywords are low in competition. Sometimes it ranks slower because the keywords are highly competitive.

So depending on the competition, we formulate different strategies. Low competition keywords can take a few months to see results. High competition keywords can a year or years to rank. But we know, with the right strategies and hard work, we can get there, sooner or later…

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