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The Lookg is Off. The Feel is Off. The Sales is Off. Your Website is Off.

Is it time you upgrade your website?

Why the Need to Redesign Your Website?


Have you seen a website and you said to yourself “I think this website looks passe.”? Then you browse your own website and you felt the same? Most of us after getting the website up, we seldom update the site. We don’t maintain it or even look at it! Your products could have evolved, your services improved, or you have expanded. But your website is the last thing you thought of upgrading or updating. If you have the following issues, maybe it is time to look into redesigning your website:

  • Website design looks out dated
  • You are not getting your intended conversion or sales
  • Someone told you they did not enjoy your website from UX/UI point of view

In this digital age, your website is probably more important than your office. Customers may not want to visit your physical store but they will definitely check your website. Remember, to the customers, their choices are plenty out there on the internet. As a website redesign agency, we are here to help you revamp your website so that it tells your existing customers that the company is improving and growing. This helps to reclose them for more confidence in the company.

Is it time to do your website justice and think of redesigning it?

What We Do to Redesign

A website should be something you are proud of. You want to showoff by telling people to go visit your website. And most importantly, help you to convert sales or leads. Below are a non-exhaustive things we do to redesign your website.

Updating Contents ▾

You have more products or services. Or some contents are out dated. Your style of communication you think should change. Or new pages to add.

Colours & Looks ▾

The colour scheme might be outdated. We prefer light, safe colour scheme that hardly gets out dated. Looks still matters. Website needs to stay relevant to trends.

Page Speed ▾

Old websites may not be optimised for speed. Page speed is one of the ranking factors for SEO. It is also for user experience. We boost your page speed.

Landing Pages ▾

Your website is not converting. You might need to design a landing page to have better conversion. We help you convert better by adding or edit landing page(s).

Optimise for UX ▾

How is the navigation through your website like? Does the user has a seamless flow from one page to another? We optimise your website UX.

Responsive Website ▾

Mobile users are on the rise. Get your old website to be responsive from desktop to mobile version. Important for both user experience and SEO.

Images ▾

You may have images of the 80’s and is no longer relevant. Maybe use premium pictures rather than stock pictures at important pages. Optimise for speed too.

Site Security ▾

Your website could be hacked if it is not secured. We help you to conver http to https. In addition, we load other plugins & help you with more secured passwords.

Branding & Logo ▾

Or maybe it is time to think rebranding or a new logo design? We can help you with a revamped logo that can be consistent with your new website look and feel.

"Love the efforts in making our website responsive because our clients are likely to be on mobile. Crunch's gave valuable input to what contents stay and what should not also help to create a friendly mobile site."

– Joseph Tan, Dude’s Bakery

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