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Our Approach to Our Services in a Package

We know there are plenty of options out there for website design. A freelance website designer can do a static website for $500. A reknown agency will charge probably in the 6-figure-fee for a beautiful, totally premium designer’s looking site.

But what do you really need? A website that you are proud of which converts to a lead or sale. Looking beyond that button is how we distinguish ourselves.

What is Your Approach to Website Design?

First, we need to understand your business; your products and services. We do preliminary research of your competitors. Only then we can come out an initial digital strategy when we meet you for discussion. To ensure quality, we follow a work process to make sure you get a powerful website.

Each business is unique. The target market, positioning, products and services, the unique selling propositions etc. are all different. Therefore each business’ website will be different as the message is different. Our job is to make your website able to speak with your target market and get them to click that button for a lead or sale.

Do You Charge Interest for Installment?

We help you ease your cash flow on installment. In addition, we do this interest free. Why? Because we believe in building a long term partnership. 

Do You Help in Developing the Contents?

From our years of experience, we understand clients usually have challenges in developing their contents. Therefore we provide a full checklist for your preparation and hand-hold you the entire process. 

Our packages includes contents development if needed. However if you think you can develop your own contents, we will take a step back and work with your contents. 

Do You Help Maintain the Site?

Yes, we do. Owning a property is one thing. Maintaining it is another. While many website builders may just design and forget, we help to do regular maintainance and security of your website, giving you that peace of mind. 

Do You Provide Hosting for the Site?

Our packages comes with hosting of your website. In fact, if you opt for an installment plan with us, we have to host your website. Do read our Workflow FAQ to understand further.

So yes, we host your website. Our complete solution to your website needs is that you are totally hassle-free. You focus in building your business while we help you on the website and other digital needs.

Can My Website have a Digital Capability?

Our intention for you is a website that can have digital capability. You can be assured we also do take into account UX/ UI in developing your website.

We will also walk you through why we do certain things in a certain way for your website. All these are based not only on market best practices, but also from our experience over gather over the years to know what works and what doesn’t.

Further digital capability includes SEO, analytics and tracking. We can help you in these planning. These are not included in the standard packages. Feel free to talk to us. We will be able to work out a friendly arrangement with you.

With us backing your website, you can be rest assured that all things are well taken care of as far as the website is concerned.

Still Have Questions?

We have worked with Crunch for so many years. Their commitment is what gave us the confidence to continue to engage them year after year. We have referred many friends to use their service too. Thanks for the works. Keep it up!

– Eileen Song

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