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Installment Payment & Hosting of Website

Payment and Hosting

We know that cash flow is important to you. Therefore we cater a 12-18 months installment payment for you. There is NO extra charge for you if you opt for installment payment. Hosting service is also complimentary for you up to 2GB, which is adequate for most websites.

 Although we believe and trust you, at the same time, to protect our interest in the event of a non-payment, we would host the website if you opt for an installment package. In the unfortunate event if have difficulties and not able to make good the installment payment, we would be forced to terminate the hosting of the website. Also note that you will have access as an editor to the backend of the website at all time.

Mode of Payment

The installment payment will be charged through a designated credit card from you, entered through our backend system. It is your duty to make sure payment can be charged through the designated credit card provided. After the agreement, together with the first invoice sent to the client, we will start the website design and development only after receiving the first payment.

If you choose an installment payment, you can also opt to make good the full payment at any time. We are ready to transfer the website to your designated host and grant administrator access to the you once the final and full payment is received.

You can opt to make a full payment rather than an installment plan payment. If you choose to do so, you will have to make a 50% upfront payment. You will also have to do your own hosting and allow us backend access for the website development works.

Contents, Changes and Updates to the Website

We understand a website needs constant updates. If you are providing the website contents, having that editor access also means you can make changes and update to the website anytime. Our full detailed checklist is provided for your ease to furnish us the necessary details. As designers/ developer, we would read through the contents before putting up on the website. However we rely heavily on your input since you provided the contents. We would assume the works had been checked before handing over to us.

 If you had opted for us to write the contents for your website, we would ask you to check on the contents and confirm if the wordings are good for your use.

From our experience with the many clients, there are bound to have mistakes and errors. Save for crucial information such as address, prices etc., for efficiency of work, we will require client to compile the necessary changes so that we can update the changes on a monthly basis. As much as we want to amend changes immediately, from our experience, this approach provides a better work flow as the client is able to focus on a monthly review on their website. They would then compile and provide us for the updates and changes.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I forget a payment?

The payment is directly deducted from the credit card you provide. Prior to the deduction for payment, the company will send you a notification to remind you to make sure the payment can be made to avoid interruption to the website. However in the event if a payment cannot be deducted, the company will send a first reminder and payment has to be made within 3 days. If no payment is made, the company has the right to suspend the hosting of the website.

How do I make the payments?

All clients will be given a login account. The payment will be deducted directly through a credit card provided by the client. The client can make changes to their account or credit card details from time to time with their own password.

What happens after I completed all payments?

Once final payment is made, you have the option to take over the site. You will have full access to the site including all the site backend. However you must have an appropriate host to host your site. Do also note that since we no longer maintain and host the site for you, we will not be able to continue to provide updates for the plugins. Security and site booster will no longer be available.

 We strongly encourage you to maintain your site with us while you have the full access to the site and allow us to maintain the site for you. We will advise client the on-going monthly maintenance cost towards the end of 15 months. The charges are dependent on the usage of your site. You have the flexibility to choose our services or use other providers. But there is one promise we can provide you – we are always competitive in our pricing.

Are there other packages?

Although we have 3 standard packages to offer our clients, we believe in customising to the needs of the client. We can work out your needs and put an installment package for your desired website too. Just have a chat with us. We promise it will be worth your time. 

Can I access to the backend of my website?

Yes, you have access to the backend of your website at all time. For clients who opt for the installment payment, they have editor access to the backend. For clients who opt for full payment, they have administrator access. Clients who host their own site will need to grant us access to develop the website. However clients who want access to the website, be in editor or administrator have to be careful in not corrupting the backend that could result in the website falling apart. Do note that we will only grant a single editor access to the backend for your website safety and protection.

Can I make changes to my website?

Yes, your access to the website allow you to make necessary changes. In fact, we encourage you to explore making changes. However, we advise clients to practice caution not to corrupt the backend. Changes done by us will be on a monthly basis or agreed upon. The client is to compile the necessary changes and send to us and updating the website. For crucial information changes, we exercise flexibility but should not be abused.

Can I create email address for my staff?

For clients that we host the website for them, we help to create email address for up to 5 emails and not exceeding the size of 2GB including the website hosting. This caters to most client’s needs. For additional space and emails, please contact us so we can discuss with you.

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