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“Details Matter, it’s Worth Waiting to Get It Right.” – Steve Jobs

What is a Creative Website Design?

Many of us want a creative website. But what is a creative website? To us, it is a combination of imagination and originality.

The imagination comes in when we are thinking of the site structure. What would be in the menu bar and each drop down. How do we organise the site such that it is easy for customers to browse the site and get things done.

Each business is unique. So does each website representing the business. If you engage us, you can be rest assured that we create original contents and design. That’s being original.

Let Your Website Speaks to Your Target Audience

As a website creation agency, we personalise each individual website. And we believe this is the only way because your product and service offer is different. Your values and target audiences are different. As a creative web agency, we look into various aspects of you and your products/ services and develop creative web page designs that speaks to your target audience.

Your Website is Our Differentiation

We know there are so many designers in the market. Your website is why we are different from the rest. Below are what we do to create a creative website.

Reference Sites ▾

We know that design is a very subjective thing. Owners may prefer certain look and feel of their website. We ask for reference sites to understand you better in terms of taste and liking. However we will also advise you accordingly base on what is best for your industry, products or services that you are providing.

Customer Personas ▾

From our experience, most clients are not specific with their target audience. We work with you to understand your target audience and you can develop customer personas. This helps us as designer to effectively communicate through the website to target audience to have best conversion for leads or sales.

Corporate Identity ▾

Some clients may have done a corporate identity (CI). A good CI communicates both internally and externally of the company. For clients who have done a CI, we can take the guidelines and integrate into our web design. We work through a brief CI process with clients without CI. Our little value add can go a long way.

Colour Scheme ▾

Different colour inherently bears different meaning. Red stands for excitement, youthfulness and bold while Blue is for trust, dependability and strength. We also take account of industry trends. In general, clean and sleek look is safe. You may visit our Works for some ideas so we can discuss meaningfully.

Your Values ▾

Branded names no longer need to sell. People buy their products or services because of who they are and what they stand for. It is your values that creates that long term branding. No one explains branding better than Steve Jobs. We sprinkle your values across the website for consistent branding.

Content Videos ▾

There is an increase in video usage in the digital space and this trend is set to continue. We encourage clients to curate video contents if possible. We work with 3rd party vendors and can recommend if needed. We assist in scripting the video contents so that the video created can be a powerful marketing tool.

Style of Writing ▾

You only know what style to write after understanding your target audience. Writing style for a luxury watch website will be different from a website selling children’s toys. We make sure that style of writing is consistent throughout your website to communicate effectively to your target audience.

Content Images ▾

A picture speaks more than a thousand words. A better relevant picture speaks probably ten thousand words. But a great relevant picture only speak to those who is there to see and can win their hearts to take action. We look beyond the images to see what ticks in your customers so they convert as lead or sale.

Total Integration ▾

We integrate your website to your other digital assets such as social media accounts. An overall integration in look and feel, and style is important for consistent branding. Therefore we can help you to design the banner, profile or contents so you remain consistent in communicating with your audience.

What We Do Best

Using the 9 pillars above, together with some imagination, we paint the colours of the website. We further think deeper into tools that can make the website more engaging. Therefore each and every website we looks very different from each other. We also cater the website for future development where imagination can be stretched further as your business scales.

There are designers in the market that do templated website at a very low cost. But why do a website that you cannot be proud of when you can own an awesome website first and make full payments later with our instalment packages?

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