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What is the Best eCommerce Website?

At Crunch Studio, we define the best eCommerce website as one that not only satisfy the customers’ needs and wants (so that they buy, revisit and buy again) but also a seamless backend logistic and management engine. It is not difficult to imagine when customers start purchasing from your eCommerce site, and you have to manage everything manually. Some people say it will be a happy problem. But soon this happy problem will be a nightmare. As an eCommerce web development firm, we not only provide you the best eCommerce design, but also look into your further needs for your backend engine as your business scales.

Why We Use WooCommerce

Our eCommerce web solution is cloud-based woocommerce. Woocommerce is the leader in wordpress ecommerce. It powers 28.19% of all online stores with more than 82 million downloads. It’s ahead of both Shopify and Magento as the most popular choice for ecommerce sites.

As a wordpress web design company, we incorporate woocommerce for our ecommerce clients. In fact 93.7% of all WordPress ecommerce websites use the WooCommerce plugin.

In short, woocommerce is a powerful tool for your ecommerce platform. We will explain what we can do for your ecommerce site using this tool in the next section.

One Tool. Many Possibilities.

It is not about the tool but who uses the tool. And we are the master of it…

Member Log In Page ▾

You can create different tier of memberships. Different access to products or promotion by different tier of membership.

Coupons ▾

Create coupon(s) for certain products. Give discounts and offers with expiry date/time to urge customers to take action. Track use of coupons.

Emails Follow Up ▾

Automated emails sent for purchase, tracking, invoice and receipt of goods sold. Re-engagement through emails as follow up. All done fully automated.

Inventories Tracking ▾

Set up alerts when stocks run low. Batch updating of product inventories. Inform customer stocks availability or out of stock. Know what sells best & what not.

Payment Gateways ▾

Integrate payment gateways for collecting payments from customers. Set up subscription payment models. Multiple gateways for different vendors too.

Bundle Products ▾

Single product is not enough. Bundle a few products together and offer them at a discount. Bundles to include slow moving items. Watch your sales soar!

Elegant Store Front ▾

Plenty of storefront themes to display your products online. Or we create your store front with other wordpress themes. Both elegant & functional.

Dynamic Pricing ▾

Allows pricing adjustment according to percentage or fixed amount. Can include bulk discount or special discount for certain category. Display during checkout.

Bundle Products ▾

Create self-collect or get the customer to pay for shipment. Organise different fees for different products or zones including different countries.

Custom eCommerce Designs

Crunch Studio is an ecommerce development agency that believes working towards the needs of our clients. Different companies have different product offerings so we do custom designs and features when there are also limitations of woocommerce plugins. 

Have a chat with us. Our team of designers will be able to help you create your best ecommerce website.

"Really happy with the works done for my bakery shop. With the backend, I can manage my business much easier."

– Benjamin, Dude’s Bakery

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