Are You Serious? A Professional Website for $399

The Breakdown

We saw an advertisement: $399 for a brand new website in 48 hours. We have been in the market long enough to see this form of marketing again and again. We can’t say it is not possible. It is possible provided you are ready with the following:

  • Your domain
  • Your contents for each and every page intended
  • Images and videos (if any)
  • All other relevant information of your products and services
  • You know exactly what you want or you are totally hands-off.

If you have a current website with contents, we can probably get it up with 24 hours, give it a fresh look but with many details missed out such as:

  • Proper lay out or site structure
  • No detailed research of keywords
  • No unique home or landing page for conversion
  • Careful selection of suitable images

But we are only talking about fulfilling the time frame of 48 hours. What about the costs? Now, the average salary of a junior web designer in Singapore is $2,400 per month. That is $240 for 2 days. And bear in mind, that is junior’s work. And it is usually passed to a senior designer for comments and approval. A senior designer’s pay is about $4000 per month. Say it takes about 3 man-hours to do the job (minimal). That would add the man-hour costs to $315. That’s great, you have a margin of $84! Let us forget about amendments as it will be a perfect job within 48 hours. Wait, forget about all other fixed and variable costs for company operation. We just want to do charity work. Does this sounds too good to be true?

Quality vs Quantity

I have learned in life that quality works come with a price in either monetary terms or time. So it is possible if we are looking at a quick and dirty solution for a website. The question is: You might want it quick, but do you want it dirty? Crunch Studio has went past the stage that we reduce web design fees just to get more customers. In the end, you see that you have unhappy clients as you have difficulties trying to meet expectations. To us, there is no compromise to quality works.

We have a web design workflow that we follow. We streamline the works and communication with you so we get alignment to finish the job as soon as possible. 80% of our focus are on the first 3 stages of the workflow. Take a look at how to carry out our website design and development service to see the works we do for your website.

Focusing on quality works helps us avoid a price war. If designing works become a commodity, it would become a very sad thing. But what we do for your is something unique. Something that many website design and development companies are not willing to do – a delayed-gratification model. We provide instalment packages to ease your cash flow. So instead of a price reduction, we allow you to make a small commitment every month so you start to own a professional converting website before making a full payment. Yes, we are sharing your business risks. Because we view you as a long-term partner.